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Jan. 30th, 2008

it was like ten years ago i said this, "i wanna be the pen u write with and the keys u tap. i wanna be the words spilling out of yer mouth. the lighswitch u switch off at nite. the red light. the pillow u lie on. i wanna be in u. and i think i am. cuz u love me and i love u too." in response to the only entry rye ever wrote on livejournal.

moving on,
Your romantic inclinations may be magnified now, but you might not have an easy path to reach satisfaction. Your relationships could still be a bit unstable as your increased needs can tip the balance. Of course it's important to dream, but this doesn't mean you should share every desire, especially if it's embarrassing. Some things are best kept to yourself.

so. um. fuck. portland. crazy. juggling three blondes already, she jokes. yeah, i suppose i am actually. and a forth, non blonde, who im currently bonin' will NOW be in portland same time. as well. as me. she flys in teh day of my show actually. im stoked. shes totally into me from what im pickin up on now, which is totally opposite what it was a month ago when i was diggin on her. took me a month to seal the deal. i just felt like i was a highschool boy sayin that. anyway, doin it with her is totally perfect cuz shes just like here and now. fuck the rest. yeah, nice ride. yesterday we bar hopped in the mission ridin ol skoo hoopty bicycles. i am in love with little boy blue mr blue jeans. we co-named the bike. seriously i want it,im gonna get it, i promise ... it was one of those 10$ garage sale bikes. they dont sell em that cheap no more, seriously, not here. so yeah. fun times. im learnin how to open myself up. ehemm. not like that pervs. ok, maybe. im tryin to not be so guarded. reserved. walls. u know. its hard to let those things go . people constantly are about trickery and bullshit. ive been there. ive done. been did. goes around comes around. itll be around again soon. im sure.
fuck it.

in other news,
im gonna go to wood boat making school in the summer. in maine. sorry michfest. not really though. i havent recovered from the burn last year. one day. 35 yr. ill make a come back.